Crunching the Numbers to Success

Lets be honest, in todays world very few’ people don’t know what social media is, but often they aren’t aware of all the benefits it can have for businesses, particularly tourism operators. Think about it, how many times have you seen a photo of a tourist hot spot around the world on a social media page whether it is Facebook or Instagram and thought ‘I need to go there’? For me, it’s nearly every day. In fact I can’t get enough of tourism photos on Instagram. Anyway, my point is, without realizing it every time we see these photos from tourism operators they are building their brand, and that’s the beauty of social media.

Although it sounds simple to build a brand on social media, it’s not always the case. Businesses need to first gain understanding into what people want to see. Thankfully social media pages including Facebook and Instagram have an extremely valuable tool- analytics. I know what your thinking- what is that, why do I care about those? Well they could help you better target your audience on social media. The analytics give you information about your media page including tracking likes, page views and much more. Besides, what’s the point in posting on social media if its not being seen by the people you want to see it?

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7 Days of Kvarner Bliss

It’s me again. You know, the girl who has been dreaming about the Kvarner Region for the past two or so months? I thought I would let you all in on a little secret. I have recently entered a competition to become a travel ambassador for the Kvarner Region- yes, I am trying to turn my dreams into reality. Anyway, I thought I would share the seven-day itinerary I have planned for Summer in Croatia (August/ September) if luck does fall my way for this competition.

Here goes…
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Kvarner Region Dreaming

Ok, so I am currently dreaming of island hoping the beautiful Kvarner Region in Croatia. Which of course means I have been spending my nights researching for all the do’s and don’ts, accommodation ideas and must see’s while visiting the region. I am the type of person who will read everyone else’s reviews and opinions on a place before I visit it, rather than just finding out for myself, but hey, that’s the beauty of social media these days right?

Kvarner pic

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