Kvarner Region Dreaming

Ok, so I am currently dreaming of island hoping the beautiful Kvarner Region in Croatia. Which of course means I have been spending my nights researching for all the do’s and don’ts, accommodation ideas and must see’s while visiting the region. I am the type of person who will read everyone else’s reviews and opinions on a place before I visit it, rather than just finding out for myself, but hey, that’s the beauty of social media these days right?

Kvarner pic

I can’t tell you how many travel blogs I have read in the past few weeks learning all things Kvarner Region, but they all seem to tell a similar story which has helped me to form a vision in my head about what to expect, and let’s just say I can’t wait.
From Rijeka, Krk, Punat, Risnjek or Delnice and that’s just the start, I can’t wait to feel as though I am on a magical vacation on a private island and to dive into the crystal-clear turquoise water that every Kvarner Region blog post brags about, not to mention swimming with the dolphins and turtles. From what I have read my biggest decision each day will be which one of the 30 beaches in the region am I going to visit today, how blissful does that sound?

Being a photography enthusiast, I am excited to spend my days behind the camera photographing all the beauties of the region, from the soaring hills, blue waters, perfect beaches, the colourful little towns and all the historic features the region has to offer. Perhaps I will even get adventurous and embark on one of the many walking trails I have read about, besides, it might make for some epic photos. Reading about all the little cafés in the region and the abundance of wine available has got me thinking, I might even become that person who is constantly taking photos of their meals and sharing them with the world, sorry in advance… Oh, and don’t worry, I will be sure to climb to the top of the Frankopan Fortress in Krk just to get the perfect Instagram photo to share with you all, after all, I have read that it’s worth the climb.

While all the photos on social media pages from blog posts to Instagram accounts have go me completely convinced that I must travel the Kvarner Region, I still need a little help from you. I have read and seen photos of all the gorgeous luxury villas, fancy cafes and boat cruises however I didn’t find any information on the costs associated, which has got me a little nervous. Is the thought of island hoping Kvarner really just a dream, or is it something a struggling uni student could scrap together enough coin for? Please help.

Meanwhile, I will continue dreaming.


kvarner boat

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