7 Days of Kvarner Bliss

It’s me again. You know, the girl who has been dreaming about the Kvarner Region for the past two or so months? I thought I would let you all in on a little secret. I have recently entered a competition to become a travel ambassador for the Kvarner Region- yes, I am trying to turn my dreams into reality. Anyway, I thought I would share the seven-day itinerary I have planned for Summer in Croatia (August/ September) if luck does fall my way for this competition.

Here goes…

Day 1: Rijeka

Despite any jet lag, arriving at Rijeka Airport I am sure my adrenaline will kick in and I will start my adventures almost straight away, but first I am catching a ride to offload my luggage and admire my luxurious hotel that I will be staying at for the next two nights- Hotel Bonavia Plava Laguna. Fingers crossed it’s as good as the pictures look and the reviews say. I must not let myself lay down for even a second or it is likely I will waste a whole day sleeping.

I would head on down to the Rijeka Central Markets. Some reviews referred to these as the ‘markets of colour’ so I am going to have my camera handy ready to capture all the colour from the local vegetables, fruits and flowers. Oh, how I can’t wait to experience the smell of these markets. I am not sure what will smell better- all the fruit or all the flowers.
But I am not stopping there, now it would be time to jump on a Tourist Bus and head to Trsat Castle to learn the history of the 13th Century building. I have heard the view from the castle looks out over the town of Rijeka making for some great photo opportunities.
I know what you are thinking- when are you going to eat? Where’s the food?
Don’t you worry, I have that covered too. Trsat is now home to a small café/ bar, so I am going to use this opportunity to sit down, relax, have a coffee, maybe even a piece of cake and edit some of my photos from the day.
Depending on how I am feeling I might even stay a little later just to watch the sunset, apparently it looks amazing from the castle, perhaps I will even enjoy it over a wine or two from the bar.

Despite the light lunch, I am going to devour seafood for dinner from Molo Longo Restaurant, known for its great food and beautiful open views of the sea.

Day 2: Plitvice Lakes Day Trip from Rijeka

Well day two has got me excited. A full day of exploring the Plitvice Lakes (founded in 1949) a 142km drive from Rijeka. Although it seems like a long way from Rijeka, they offer a day trip with Rijeka being the start and return point. Perfect, for around $300 AU dollars I am going to visit 16 terraced lakes and their waterfalls, see some amazing flora & fauna, have some once in a life time photo opportunities and hopefully meet some other travellers.
I wonder if I will see a European Brown Bear? These are known to inhabit the National Park.

Plitvice Lakes

After a huge day of exploring I am likely to be exhausted but equally as excited to go through all my photos from the day so I might lap up the luxury of my hotel for my last night in Rijeka, order room service and edit my photos. Besides I will have to be up early the next morning, ready to take on my next stop.

Day 3: Opatija

With time flying by I am sure, I would take an early morning bus from Rijeka for a 15-minute journey to Opatija. Opatija is known for its passion around health and wellness, so what better place to unwind from the busyness of the past two days.

I would love to take a walk along the Lungomare (The Seaside Promenade), to take in the fresh sea breeze and snap a few photos along the way, the surrounding hills and old buildings appear to be picturesque after all. Although I am not sure I am keen on walking the full 12km track, maybe just a light stroll.
I would also like to stop in at Café Bar Del Mar to experience their beachside service and burger (reviews say they are pretty good) and maybe a glass of wine.

Lungomare (The Seaside Promenade),

Now, if I am not relaxed already, I am about to be. I plan on booking into Tantra Spa & Beauty for their unlimited Spa Day deal. There is a good chance I will even skip dinner tonight and just enjoy a wine and tapas at one of the many sea view restaurants the town has to offer. Talk about relaxing right?

Day 4: Krk

Good bye Opatija, you were dreamy. Hello Krk, it’s time to party.
With day four being underway it’s going to take me an hour bus trip from Opatija to arrive in Krk.

Despite yesterdays day of relaxing today I would climb the Frankopan Castle to ensure I see the breathtaking view of the city and sea and take plenty of photos. I plan on soaking up all the history of the castle before getting ready for our night out in the Krk town.
First stop, sunset cocktails in the garden terrace cocktail bar- Cocktail Bar Volsonis. This bar is known to be one of the liveliest bars in Krk. After a few too many cocktails I am sure I will feel like dancing, so I may even head to Disco Bar Jungle. Where ever the night may lead to from here, I am sure the photos will tell a story…

Day 5: Island Excursion from Krk

Like many Kvarner travellers I am super eager to spend a day exploring the islands by boat and of course swimming in the crystal-clear waters that surround the region. So, with day five under way I would book an island excursion for around 54 AU dollars. This would include nine hours of adventure on a tour boat where I will get the chance to swim and relax on four beautiful islands in the region. Sounds pleasing doesn’t it? And great value for money. I thought I would attach the link for the tour in case you too are keen on a day touring the Kvarner Islands- https://hiddenkrk.com/tour/rab-island-4-islands-excursion/ .

With my time in Krk nearly over, I plan to taste the local cuisine for dinner at Konoba Nono, before having an early night ready for my morning getaway to my next stop.

Day 6: Cres Island

It’s off to Cres Island for me, on an early morning ferry. For around 21 Croatian Kuna dollars I will be in Cres in about 25 minutes. EXCITING!

I have heard that the old city of Cres is colourful and makes for some beautiful photos, so I would love to spend some time walking through the city/ town taking in all it’s beauty and landing that perfect vintage Instagram photo.
After I land that perfect shot I would love to visit Mali Bok beach, I have heard its beautiful and secluded. I would love to spend my afternoon soaking up the sun on the beach, don’t worry I will be sure to pack my sunscreen.

Perhaps for dinner I will order a pizza from the local Pizzeria- Buffet Capitano. Who doesn’t love pizza?

Mali Bok beach,

Day 7: Korsaro Blue Caves Excursion

With hope that I haven’t already blown out my budget, this excursion sure will, but I bet it will be totally worth it- judging by the pictures anyway.

I am dying to visit the blue caves of Croatia, they look heavenly after all. If I book the day cruise with Korsaro, I can spend eight hours on board visiting the blue caves, swimming, fish feeding and of course taking some breathtaking photos of the famous blue caves. The cruise leaves Cres Port at 9.45am and takes around 2 hours to arrive at the caves/ beach, then returns to the port of Cres at 5.30pm. Although it will set me back 220 00 Kuna Dollars, plus another 50 00 if I want lunch on board. But, I feel like I need to budget my entire trip to ensure I book this tour as I think it would be one to remember. Besides, imagine the Instagram photo!

Korsaro Blue Caves Excursion

Just like that, my seven days of exploring the Kvarner Region will be over. Tomorrow morning, I will need to catch the early ferry back to Rijeka to head to the airport and sadly return home. Holidays always go to, fast don’t they?

I have my fingers and toes crossed that I win this opportunity to be a brand ambassador for the Kvarner Region as I would love to share my experiences on my Instagram account as I have a been working on creating a personal brand around travel for the past eight months and have started to gain a small following.
I see Instagram as the most useful social media site for travel ambassadors as it is more visual than other platforms such as Facebook and when bloggers use techniques such as a continuous colour theme on all photo’s, relevant hashtags and they post at the right time of day to ensure the most amount of views their Instagram accounts can be very successful.
Returning home from my trip I will definitely post a blog on here, giving you a more detailed story about my holiday and I would love to share with you all my do’s and don’ts for visiting the Kvarner Region.

Until next time, keep an eye out for me using hashtags such as #Travel #Kvarner #Island #Ambassador #Dreaming #Wanderlust #Photography #Vacation #Dream, because it could mean I am at last, in the Kvarner Region.























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