Crunching the Numbers to Success

Lets be honest, in todays world very few’ people don’t know what social media is, but often they aren’t aware of all the benefits it can have for businesses, particularly tourism operators. Think about it, how many times have you seen a photo of a tourist hot spot around the world on a social media page whether it is Facebook or Instagram and thought ‘I need to go there’? For me, it’s nearly every day. In fact I can’t get enough of tourism photos on Instagram. Anyway, my point is, without realizing it every time we see these photos from tourism operators they are building their brand, and that’s the beauty of social media.

Although it sounds simple to build a brand on social media, it’s not always the case. Businesses need to first gain understanding into what people want to see. Thankfully social media pages including Facebook and Instagram have an extremely valuable tool- analytics. I know what your thinking- what is that, why do I care about those? Well they could help you better target your audience on social media. The analytics give you information about your media page including tracking likes, page views and much more. Besides, what’s the point in posting on social media if its not being seen by the people you want to see it?

After all there is more than 2.46 billion people on social media platforms around the world, surely you are curious as to what at least a portion of them look at all day?

Lets talk strategy. How can tourism operators have a marketing strategy if they don’t even know whom they are targeting? That’s where Facebook’s analytics tool can be very valuable. Take for example the ‘people’ option in the analytic tool. This option allows you to track your followers based on demographics, age and gender for example. How helpful would this tool be for tourism operators, at least they would know whether their audience is young teenagers who want to travel and party or whether they are older families who are looking to travel with kids and based on that data tourism pages can focus their marketing to better attract that particular audience.


Starting to sound like a handy tool isn’t it?
Well good news is it doesn’t stop there with Facebook. Tourism operators could even use the analytics tool to on their Facebook page to find data on what their most viewed page is and perhaps edit the page to ensure their most important information such as contact details are on that page. Sneaky? No just smart.

My personal favourite is the ‘posts’ insights. This tool gives you data around which of your posts receives the most traffic which will be key in determining when the best time to post is, to ensure the most amount of attention on your page. I know for me personally it’s first thing in the morning and around 9pm at night.


Don’t worry if you are one of those people who have ditched Facebook for Instagram, you also have access to analytics tools.
A great metric on Instagram is the ‘posts’ option. It provides data on all the likes and comments your photos attract as well as how many times your photos have been saved. This could really benefit a tourism operator in that they will be able to see which photos are most popular and even use them again for further promotions.


Next is the ‘discovery’ tool that Instagram provides. This tool is all about seeing what percentage of accounts have seen your profile and post however are not following you. I guess the key here would be to aim for a lower discovery percentage and a higher rate of new followers. However having a high discovery percentage is not necessarily a bad thing either, after all at least you would know your page is being seen.
And of course, you can check ‘Activity’ to see how many times your profile has been viewed.

While checking your social media analytics may take some time out of your day, tourism operators should see it as valuable time to gain a better understanding of their current and potential followers, consider the analytic data as feedback and use it to improve/ enhance their brand. It’s a powerful tool that probably isn’t used enough.

3x insta

Thanks for reading.
P.s. I bet you are all wanting to know your social media analytic figures now aren’t you?





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