smm2-e1534645914304.jpgBefore I get busy exploring all things travel and social media marketing I should introduce myself. My name is Courtney and I am a small town (and I mean less than 10 000 people kind of small town) girl from Western Australia, well originally anyway. Just under a year ago I was given the opportunity to relocate to the Northern Territory. Without hesitation I jumped at this opportunity because well, change is as good as a holiday right? I am now 22 years old, residing in Darwin NT.

Since i can remember I wanted to be an Accountant which is what lead me to start my Business degree with ECU in 2013. However since moving to the Territory I have gained a new found passion for travel, adventure and tourism which is why I am now studying more units in social media and marketing because like many, I have a dream of being a full time travel blogger.

I invite you to follow me as I explore all things travel through the use social media marketing, starting with the Kvarner region of Croatia.

Until then, keep traveling.